Altazar Rossiter

Altazar Rossiter is focused on supporting people to reclaim their personal sovereignty and align to their connection with Source. To that end he sometimes refers to himself as a “Sourcerer”.

He appears on Revealing the Mysteries with Isaac George on 28 February 2021 at 6:30pm GMT (UK time).

He previously worked extensively as an electrical engineer in the oil industry, but became thoroughly disillusioned with the commercial world. He also explored academia as a mature student gaining a PhD in psycho-linguistics. He was then encouraged to embrace various self-healing practices where the “energy” is the “teacher” as well as the essence of the art.

He is currently based in the Netherlands, where he facilitates various workshops and intensives in "Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence" and transcending the consensus reality matrix. For the last six years he has led a modern-day Mystery School and self-empowerment training programme.