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Ange Ramsay is an intuitive catalyst, strategic communications consultant, and Rewild Wellness Facilitator.

Ange grew up in the midst of civil war in Zimbabwe shaping her perception that “chaos can either derail you or be your rocket fuel for success.”

Ten years ago at the height of a media career spanning three decades saw her organizing sought after experiential events with the likes of Google, Youtube and Chanel. Along with innovative digital campaigns for global sustainable brands.

Two years ago, Ange experienced a life threatening surfing accident and complex brain injury that led to her losing everything including the ability to look after her children. She was also humbled by a stay in a halfway house necessary to sedate and heal her brain.

All this simply to get her off the constant innovation treadmill. From being incapacitated, she recently launched retreats for high performing entrepreneurs focusing on techniques she rehabilitated herself with to use as successful leadership tools.

The biggest lesson was, “The ability to cope with the things I thought that I could not survive without.” This led to realizing that “we are all our own source of love, approval, security and survival.”

I believe I had to experience this prior to the pandemic to impart this ancient wisdom as a legacy footprint.

INSTAGRAM : @ange.ramsay