Catherine Elizabeth Kennard

Catherine Elizabeth Kennard appears on Awakening with Giles Bryant on Sunday 7 February 2021. It will also be available from Thursday 11 Feb as a podcast here and on your podcast platform of choice.

Over the last 25 years, Catherine has trained in many different modalities and approaches in the world of wellbeing and spiritual exploration within her own life, work life and with her family (three children, three step children). As a Primary School Teacher and mum Catherine wanted to offer a nurturing space for parents and children during these challenging times.

Her new business, Unite and Grow, offers the very best of all these approaches, it has taken her a while to find her voice amidst the noise of everybody else’s wonderful ideas. She wants to support people in finding their true nature and help to support children and adults in realising their own superpowers in a very unique way.

Her wish is that you will realise through working with her and Unite and Grow that everything you think you have been searching already are. She is just here to hold that space. 

Unite And Grow: