David Adelman

Catch him on Reality Bites with Wendy Smith this Sunday 21 March.

David Adelman was Cambridge University educated in law and qualified as a solicitor in the 1980s. He was sufficiently awake even back then to realise that the system was all wrong and was feeding and promoting parasitic behaviour patterns. Soon he quit the law and ended up teaching English in Spain in the 1990s. There it dawned on him that the education system was in no better shape than the legal system. He quit that too and returned to the UK.

Back in the UK he was offered funding to teach a card game (a simplified version of Bridge) in schools to help develop thinking and social skills. His experiences in schools led him to write ‘‘School – No Place for Children’, a book now well-known in teaching and home educating circles.

Just when he was about to launch into full-on book promotion Covid hit town and changed the game. He has had to reinvent himself as the People’s Lawyer and has embarked on a series of live talks to get the information out to people that will help them ward off the tyrannical beast that has humanity in its sights. These talks, and more presentations besides are now featured on YouTube, Bitchute and Telegram in an attempt to spread the message of freedom from tyranny far and wide.

David recently appeared on stage alongside David Icke at a Birmingham Freedom Rally to give the assembled crowd a taste of their sovereign rights and how best to assert them in peaceful non-compliance.