David Helpling

David appears on Revealing the Mysteries with Isaac George on 21 and 28 March 2021.

As a young teen, David Helpling pushed himself to learn guitar – experimenting with various effects and signal processors to create illusions with sound. Together with his passion for synthesizers and percussion, this guitar sound became centric to a complete vision and musical style that expresses sonic moods with a definite soundtrack feel.

David’s debut release, “Between Green and Blue”, was a finalist for the INDIE Album-Of-The-Year award. On his second release, “Sleeping On The Edge Of The World”, the artist took his unmistakable style and dense sound sculptures to a deeper, more powerful and cinematic level. Following that success, David joined forces with multi-instrumentalist Jon Jenkins, and they crafted and epic trilogy of albums: “Treasure, The Crossing and Found”.

As an accomplished and highly sought-after composer of music scores for film, David is continually honing his compositional skills, and recently released two solo albums of ambient music done exclusively on the electric guitar and bass, entitled “A Sea Without Memory” and the highly acclaimed 2019 release, “Rune”, which was claimed the spot for FINALIST - OMWR Award for "Best Ambient Album"

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