George Jagatic

George Jagatic received a BA in Dance from the California State University in Long Beach where he studied modern, jazz and was one of the few men who excelled on pointe in ballet.  After graduating he discovered the art of flag dancing and quickly took it upon himself to create a technique and language for this burgeoning new art form.  His technique and the company that he co-founded quickly evolved into a successful multifaceted performance troupe.

For over two decades he has been performing and teaching throughout the United States.  His company, Axis Danz has been hired to perform at private parties, corporate events, church services, pride celebrations, on television, film and countless dance events.  His work was used as a part of TGRT’s network logo on Turkish television and was featured in both documentaries “Flow Affair” and “Got 2 be There”.  He was interviewed and mentioned in Jody Sperling’s book about Louie Fuller and modern dance and can be seen in Mariah Carey’s music video, “Loverboy”.

In 2006, after receiving his Masters in Dance Therapy from Pratt University, he began combining his knowledge of Tai Chi, yoga and flag dancing into a unique movement perspective.  His understanding and practice of "Flow" has helped many people learn and grow in not only their own movement repertoire but a greater understanding of how this energy can be utilized as a healing dynamic as well.

His Flow yoga utilizes this perspective in a gentle fluid fashion as the body transitions from one pose to the next.  This organic and fluid way of moving helps to release tension, anxiety and can help increase our sense of inner peace.

George has also incorporated flow flags into an exciting new exercise class.  His Flow flag class has received much attention in New York City at both American Fitness and New York Sports Club.  Flow taps into an aerobic dynamic that uses a weighted fabric to not only help increase one’s range of motion but to help with spinal alignment as well.  This technique uses rhythmic and repetitive movement to increase core as well as upper body strength in a fun and visually captivating fashion.

For more information or to schedule a class you can contact George Jagatic directly at 917-257-4532.