Joanna is originally Polish, but she lives the UK in countryside in North Hertfordshire.

She finds her joy in inspiring people. Therefore her show: Living You Dream – A show inspired by successful stories of those who created their life around their dreams and authentic set of beliefs.

Joanna is also a traveler - she has visited many countries and met many inspiring people, who often end up being her show gests. She is also interested in spirituality, loves attending Buddhist courses in Nepal and India. She plays four instruments and is writing her first book about her last, 5-month long trip in Asia.

Professionally she is a data scientists and has a PhD in Math.

In our show 'Getting to Know Our Team', each team member gets a turn to be interviewed by team-mates, family and friends in a fun but meaningful way. Below is the recording of Joanna's turn.

Getting to Know Our Joanna