Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz

We are delighted to welcome Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz aka The Man Whisperer to the KindaSound Zoom Rites of Man lounge for a fabulous insight into the private conversations of men. What do men get to share when they are away from the presence of women? What do men talk about when they are in a circle of open-minded and open-hearted ‘brothers’? This is the realm of Kenny D’Cruz.

Kenny’s childhood was framed around tough life challenges. He received death threats, refugee camps, paternal abandonment, maternal enmeshment, mental health issues and racism as he moved from Uganda to Wales.

Moving to London, he became an adrenaline junkie working to tight deadlines, participating in extreme sports and anything that might distract him from the pain and emptiness that he held deep within. He finally realized that in order to free himself from this destructive way of being he would have to face up to these shadows and release the depressed ‘pause’ buttons from his past that kept him stuck in this self-sabotaging loop, playing the same old story in his mind.

He travelled to Fiji and on to Calcutta, working with Mother Teresa, living an adventurous life of a truth-seeker. He learnt how to free himself and that the methods worked to help others, and in particular men, free themselves. As a result, Kenny has become a renowned and celebrated facilitator of men’s circles, a personal coach and media spokesperson on issues that affect men, and the solutions that can free them.

Kenny has been regularly featured in Newsweek, on the BBC, New York Times, Daily Express and Channel 4 for his ground-breaking work, and we welcome him to the Rites of Man show.

You can contact Kenny with anything that is on your mind.