Kogan Pillay

Born in Durban, South Africa on 10/10/1979, a country that was one of the darkest places on earth, I was blessed enough to have found myself within a family environment that was love and light. I possessed an uncanny musical ability being able to play all types of Indian classical drums from the age of 3 without any formal training.

Academically I excelled. Identified with a high IQ, I spent many years in a specialized development program called the Gifted Child Program. I studied Accounting, became an Entrepreneur within the technology space, and launched multiple startups that evolved into multinational distributors and primary partners to Global Communications Conglomerates.

I evolved into a Business and Financial Modelling and Restructuring specialist, consulted to companies, governments within Economic Development, and sat on multiple Boards.

In my late 30’s found myself thrust into the truth of existence by the Universe. I encountered a UFO that connected to me telepathically telling me that I had an important purpose and to embrace yoga and meditation to understand. I did, and it’s been immense, receiving an abundance of knowledge, traveling the universe and experiencing my lives in other worlds.

This resulted in a shift in my personal being aligning with these truths that I have been blessed to receive and of who I truly am. I am Solal, Son of Lyra, and I have come here from my home in Sirius to help awaken the sleeping giants, the starseeds, and to raise the vibrational frequency so we may fulfill our divine destinies and help this world rise.