Laura Shuckburgh
Laura's first show on KindaSound Radio:

Laura Shuckburgh is currently on a solo trip with her dog in Europe after leaving her marriage in October 2020.

She believes that living a life aligned with our core values is the way to true happiness.

She is a Life Architect helping women to live their greatest lives through the power of Coaching and started Marvellous Midlife to help support women in midlife and those going through the minefield of perimenopause.

She is 51 and has had a varied life travelling all over the world with her career as a model in her twenties. Re training as a beauty and massage therapist while bringing up her son in her thirties, and more recently worked in the construction industry as a business development manager of an Architecture practice.

She is a proud mother to a 20-year-old son and loves being outdoors in nature and exploring new places.

She would like to build a wooden house and live with like minded people in a sustainable community somewhere warm and is actively looking for possible places now.