Lee Michael Walton


Lee Michael Walton is a miracle survivor of cancer. He is a musician, singer and the first Welshman to set foot on Mars! KindaSound are delighted to have Lee as our guest on the Rites of Man Show to share his remarkable story, his insights and his music.

Lee was a young talented musician and singer when he was told the devastating news, “you have bone cancer - chondrosarcoma.” He had noticed signs, such as his right eye appearing bigger than his left and constant headaches, but nothing that had caused him to worry about his health. It was therefore a bolt from the blue to discover that he had a cancerous tumour in his upper palate, which would require the removal of his teeth, gums and the roof of his mouth. He had so much to look forward to, and now, his world was about to crash. Cancer was going to take away his singing voice and the face that he had known, but in time, music would ultimately help to keep his soul alight.

After a ground-breaking 21 hour operation at Guy’s Hospital, Lee came to, frightened beyond belief. The road to recovery would be a long one, not least that it triggered unhealed childhood issues that caused Lee to experience fragmentation of his very existence. Slowly and after much pain and suffering, Lee felt a new sense of Self developing.
His long-time friend and fellow musician Bonnie Tyler connected Lee with celebrity voice coach James Windsor, who began to help Lee grow back his voice, his confidence and his sense of humour. On one occasion they both broke down laughing when Lee reminded James that it was really his leg that they were working with, given that bone had been taken from there for the reconstruction of his mouth. With tremendous courage, great inner strength and the input of loving and kind friends and supporters, Lee rebuilt his life anew, and today stands as a beacon of hope for all of us, in how it can be possible to overcome the most difficult of human challenges.

Lee’s traumatic experiences have given him a new perspective on life which he has put to music in his beautiful album The Journey Home. Lee’s soul has known the darkest of nights and his music and story demonstrates us that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel, and that when we reach out to one another, we can journey together sharing the connection we have in spirit that brings our humanity to life.