Leila Fanner


As a child, I always knew I was an artist, yet I ran away from my vocation - vowing I would not become a "struggling artist" - at the age of 12, having witnessed the struggle of my highly creative, yet economically challenged mother.

Despite that vow, I went on to be a crafter, artist and maker of things ever since, driving my dear mother batty with my penchant for cutting up my clothes to re-make them in my own way.

I sold my first art and craft works at age 10 - papier maché animals, rag dolls and Barbie doll outfit. I enjoyed packaging them as much as making them. I think people possibly bought them to frame.

I write about how I found the courage to be an artist in my blog....

Born in California and raised in a little town in South Africa, we grew up eating my mom's wholesome organic garden produce and running wild with the creatures on the mountains of Pilgrims Rest.

My sister, Dawn has a special way with tapestry, her twin, Eve creates artsy items of furniture through her upholstery business, and thus each of us continues to embellish upon  the entrepreneurial heritage of our parents.