Neil Patel

Neil Patel comes from a long family lineage of yogis. This dates back 100 years to Porbandar, Gujarat (India). Neil’s great grandfather was a yogi (who regularly took pilgrimages with Mahatma Gandhi).

He appears on The Awakening with Giles Bryant on Sunday 28 February 2021.

Since 1976 his family have been teaching yoga in the U.K; most notably through his mother Tara Patel, who produced the UK’s first ever yoga VHS series. Neil began to take over, as a teenager, in 1990.

Neil is most notable for using yoga, meditation and what he calls “Mind Yoga” to live with an extremely large untreated cancerous tumour for 20 years.

He has run classes in London for 30 years, expanded his brand “Chi Kri Yoga” into a teacher training course and franchise. He has taught and spoken at high levels for the UK and Indian Parliament on yoga, been assigned roles with HSBC for their stress management requirements annually and written many books on health, fitness and wellness related ideas.

He is also known as the “Rapping Yogi” or “N1” having produced and performed many songs, poems and raps on sociological themes; his latest project is called “Breathe” aimed at stopping knife crime. He also started a movement called “Hip Hop Yoga” in the early 2000s. And his current projects are a book on mind over matter; and the Mahabharata.

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