Phil Engel

A truth seeker, animal lover, health enthusiast and living a plant-based life.
I'm fascinated by the human concepts and cultures, having been raised religious Afrikaans, it took me a while to start asking better questions about life.
Traveling to other countries and exploring other cultures talking to new English, French and Italian friends about their beliefs and the systems or institutions they were exposed to made me realise how much of my journey will be a learning one. 
Now my mission in life became living in the now, improving and getting to know myself by looking at life from different angles. 
One could say seeking my truth is my degree of view of "The Truth" about this universe, energy, or perhaps reality. is my latest project where we will create a community of likeminded sentient beings, live off the land and unplug (as far as possible).
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In our show 'Getting to Know Our Team', each team member gets a turn to be interviewed by team mates, family and friends in a fun but meaningful way. Here is the recording of Phil's turn.