Reyno De Beer

Reyno is the founder and President of Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) in South Africa, which is a voluntary social justice association focusing on empowering people with knowledge of law.

Born in South Africa in 1976, he went to UNISA to study for a Chartered Accountant, but got massively distracted with law subjects before running out of money and quitting formal studies.

He became involved in the property industry and human rights activism in 1994, and started the Pretoria Sectional Titles Forum with his older brother Halbo in 1996. The PSTF focused on the rights of owners in sectional titles schemes and highlighted the need to establish an ombudsman for the community schemes in SA. At age 22 the then Chief Registrar of Deeds nominated him as a member of the Sectional Titles Regulation Board. Their efforts were directly responsible for the establishment of the Community Schemes Ombud Services.

He spent most of his professional career as a property manager and assisting people with property-related disputes. Over the past 27 years he has taught myself law, represented himself and others lawfully in the Courts, and became an advocate to make the Courts more accessible to the people without having the need to obtain the services of a legal practitioner.