Solharra Summerfield

Previous appearance on KindaSound Radio, presented by Kath Temple

Born in Liverpool, Sol Summerfield has had mystical experiences all of her life, beginning in childhood with many journeys beyond the self.

In her youth she went out with Paul McCartney, and became a popular yoga teacher with forever-full classes, and she became a Psychotherapist with a successful thriving clinic on Rodney Street, the Harley Street of Liverpool.

Sol also worked at Walton Hospital, pioneering Hypnotherapy for pain, cancer, etc, and was featured in a BBC Pebble Mill at One series based at Walton Hospital.

Sol spent time with Ram Dass and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, and amongst her other teachers were Ken Radcliffe and Eugene Halliday.

She has a daughter, Crystal, and a granddaughter Enfys (Rainbow) and lives in Anglesey, Wales.