Vanessa Holliday

I am Vanessa Holliday. An intuitive Creatress at heart weaving a tapestry of sound, vibration, feminine wisdom and sonically channeled voice. My wish is to move humanity with my art and to offer the world something beautiful that will always be remembered.

My work is spiritually influenced by the wisdom teachings of the forgotten Ancient Mysteries, Anthroposophy and Contemporary Science. Completing my studies in music production gave me the tools to creatively craft music, where studying Eurythmy (BA Degree in Movement & Sound) gave me the intuitive knowing and wisdom of how sound shapes our world, but my most profound teachings have been my own life experiences.

I was fortunate to have worked at the Pyramids of Chi in Bali, know for their innovative sound pyramid chambers, as one of the leading Sound & Vocal Therapists. Holding ceremony become part of my daily life and I felt connected to my place in the greater fabric of creation.

I work mainly with women as a Feminine Coach, Astrologer and Sound Therapist. I believe all women are powerful, we are being called to rise and connect with our feminine spirit within. Somewhere along our journey we have forgotten this deep knowing. This is where I come in to act as a guiding anchor assisting women to remember their true nature