Adi aka Andriana Andreeva
Role at KindaSound: Helper when needed.
Origins: Bulgarian Religion: kindness :)
Religion : All
Place : Planet Earth, Rila Mountain, Europa continent
Founder of Adart Home-art space with a heart
Author of the literary bilingual arts monograph - poetry and painting - limited edition 2012 hard copy "The miracles of the little things"
In favour of : Provocative Psychology methods.
(with background studies as follows in Children's psychology, Modern applied Psychology, Terapeutic Art life coach Certification)
Ideas: It is very simple to be Happy it is harder to be simple.
Values : Live in cooperation with nature.
Secrets: Still slow cooking the grandma's recipes and adores gardening , still reading old books, still listens classical music when alone.
In our show 'Getting to Know Our Team', each team member gets a turn to be interviewed by team mates, family and friends in a fun but meaningful way. Here is the recording of Adi's turn.