Alan Swift


Alan Swift is 56 years old and come from Liverpool. I’ve lived in Lancaster, Leeds and Morecambe and for a very short time Bhaktivedenta Manor. My childhood was disrupted living in a dysfunctional family which led to me growing up early. I studied engineering at Lancaster university and dropped out.

I suffered from depression and was diagnosed with schizophrenia after being spiked with drugs in a cult. I was put on medication with severe side effects so came off it and took up meditation and after a relapse was put on depixol. That was over 30 years ago. I recovered and lead a rewarding life with the support of the mental health services. In 2008 I gained a level 3 certificate in counselling skills.

I have done various volunteer jobs and volunteer for the Reader organisation and am running an online shared reading group with the current pandemic. I read mainly non fiction and enjoy attending Philosophy in Pubs meetings and am hosting an online group whilst there are restrictions on meeting face to face. I have a WordPress blog and a YouTube channel and support people who suffer from depression and similar issues. I’m currently running an online Men’s Group. When the disciple is ready the master will appear!