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Arn Allingham, who writes and produces material under the quirky pseudonym “Zingdad”, is an author, healer and facilitator whose core teaching is Oneness. After having a true mystical experience of Oneness while on a hike in the mountains, Arn fundamentally changed the path he was on. He literally gave away his thriving business, sold up in the city and moved to the country where he built (with their own hands!) an off-the-grid, self-sustainable home. And from this place, his own heaven-on-earth, he began to discover and give his most authentic gifts to the world.

Arn has published a number of works that are often described in terms such as “life changing”. He has developed a thriving healing practice serving a planet-spanning client base of awakening souls.

Arn says his greatest joy is to uncover those deep truths that, when shared, bring us all closer to oneness, closer to Love, closer to healing and closer to releasing the surface illusions that are making us all sick and unhappy. This is his purpose and great gift.

When not giving his gift, Arn likes to take long walks in the forested mountains near his home, meditate and, of course, play with his beloved dogs who are truly like children to him.