Truth verses Truth!

 The KindaDetective half hour!

What a subject to keep kind?  Declared as a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organisation), bamboozled by the global coordination of lockdowns and terminology, confused too by the efficiency in which global governments acted with coordinated strategy was beyond my understanding and enquiring mind.

Burdened with an armchair conscience for social justice, and an embedded belief of 911 that makes me continuously doubt government and media sources I had to research the logic of this 'Pandemic', the rhetoric, motives, and psychology of such a campaign, it made no sense to me!  5 months later I was cast free of my own infection, one of frustration, sadness, single-mindedness and at times anger; a research path that led me into a deeper understanding of media connections and global governance, pharmaceuticals, more importantly into spirituality and the insignificance of our perception of the world in which we live as humans.   Experiencing how opposing emotive views are difficult to bridge when in search of truth when both are convinced of their own 'truth' l needed to find an unbiased platform that protected free-speech, a tolerance for all opinions, a platform that could steer opinion towards the best care for humanity.  A platform based on logic and not fiction or allegiance, based on the exchange of 'verified' information.  Oh! What to do?  My brainbox was working over-time.... a people's solution from which my thinking commenced. BateBox transpired

However, back to humanity; based on my opinion and that from sharing my views, I felt was a duty of care, I soon discovered mine was a minority view. That misinformation on both sides of the discussion was designed to influence a belief, no matter how much I ranted we were divided between suspicious and conforming minds  Astounded, that from my sample of 220 contacts, 70% are believing the government and the mainstream media statements, a further 15% aware but not interested to engage investigation and discussion.

There was mass support of the 'over-loaded' NHS and those most vulnerable from the global mainstream media promotion of hospital over-spills and simultaneously infected heads of states.  My head was racing in disbelief, I knew of the empty Excel centre, I had also visited a near-empty hospital but I was also aware of how my sourcing and judgment was affected by my belief, how I was not giving justice to articles and views opposed to my own.  The reliability was only 15% of my sample were sharing my active belief.  I would feel should I catch any of the daily rhetoric, all the mainstream media, and presenters with the same slogans and daily rhetoric. 

Much to the detriment of my other work,  it took me the first 3 months of exploring and sharing information when the penny dropped, acquiring a better understanding of the motives, the network of governance, the psychology for influence, the history of the economy and growing exposure to the suppression of free speech, and more importantly the negative alienating effect of my views.  Oh! What to do?

So the solution evolved in BateBox, a secure platform for liberating discussion without judgment, a safe space to release ego.  A platform for truth seekers. I was not for me to judge the conformists who preferred not to seek but accept that preference and the politically driven evolution of our human society. It became important to offer a central source of information without influence from mainstream media, politicians, or armchair activists like myself. BateBox was the creation, a cooperatively operated platform with an impartial selection of topics, interactive audience and free-thinking verifiers. A protected form offering reliable qualified information from the membership.


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