Valentine and the daily bites of love

IMG 20200706 210211Valentine's Day? Why not every day?

Do we need one day as a reminder of what every other day could be like if the inner light of everyone was lit - even on hard days?

In the evening, the stones are cold. And so, it is with people. When there is inner light, people are soft, warm, gentle and loving. When we lose that light, we get cold… and rough. There is not a creature in the world that, if you love them, does not love you back. Try and experiment with animals and plants and check out this simple law of love. I've tried this with some so-called, “bad” dogs. Choose a dog, love it. I pass by a bad dog feeling and spreading love. I pass by him a second time - it knows me; it does not bark at me this time. It says, “I know you” - having the love passing him by makes him silent.

If you love people, they will love you. There is no human who does not react positively to Love.
Tell someone a good word and do not think anymore.  What he will do, whether he deserves the good word — you don’t need to worry about this. This person was not born to understand you?! It is important that you understand and can help others. This is the meaning and beauty of life.

Love is all around us, and the true vision of Valentine was that love gives birth to more love. The love between two people, as well as love you spread around you and give to other people, animals, and plants.

Love is the most important matter in life. Allow it to resolve all the remaining issues, whatever their character is - personal, social, family issues or universal matters. And do not just wait for the second week in February to do it! Allow it to flow through you every day of your conscious life and pass it onto every soul around you.

Love generates love.

Andriana Andreeva (Adi)

Stob, Bulgaria
February 2021

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