Restoring Peace and Calm after Conflict and Harm

 15. Conflict ResolutionSome of the greatest battles we will ever face will take place in our minds and emotional bodies as we face down fears and thoughts of attack and condemnation that rob us of peace and calm internally, and in the world we participate and live within. Resolving conflict, aggressive judgment and prejudice, fears and anxieties all help bring an individual back to a place of presence, and hopefully enjoyment and hope in their lives. It is key to creating harmony and kinder communities.

Restorative practice is a practical way of bringing an end to conflict, responsibility for our healing and growth, and an opportunity to move on in our lives once again. Conflict resolution is very much down to internal dialogue and listening to other points of view to find some common ground for agreement or at least clarity of understanding. It offers a different approach to harm than purely punitive measures created as a general tariff, for it allows all involved to voice their opinion and experience of incidents, with the aim of finding specific remedies and measures to bring closure and hopefully right action to prevent further harm. It allows for understanding and change.

I am privileged to have Tim Chapman as my guest on the Rites of Man show, a man who has dedicated his professional life to others, by helping ‘offenders’ take responsibility for their actions, and find ways of living their lives more peacefully. He is Chair of the European Forum for Restorative Justice with huge experience and understanding of why in particular men are far more likely to end up with criminal convictions than women, and what works to help them change and channel their passion and the purpose they give to their lives.

I can personally validate Tim’s ability to facilitate restorative circles and methodologies, having studied under his tutelage at the University of Ulster to obtain a Post Graduate Diploma in Restorative Practice and undertake research within the Navajo Nation toward a masters degree. Tim and I will be discussing his work and experiences, and listening and learning from his wisdom, and the wisdom of restorative practices from around the world.

Do tune in to the show (or listen to the re-run or the podcast) Sunday 21st at 1:30 pm, where you can comment or ask a question on this important subject that deserves our attention if we truly wish to live more peacefully as individuals and in our communities.



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