Colin Joe Byrne


I was born in the Free State, in a town called Kroonstad, in 1950, where I spent my early years until I was 12, In 1963, our family moved to Johannesburg, where I attended and matriculated from Athlone Boys’ High School. At high school I was a member of the school’s orchestra and military band, Captain of 1st XV Rugby and athletics and a member of the 1st XV cricket team.
After school, I joined Nedbank and became an international banker working for a prominent London Bank. I retired from banking in 1991 when they introduced the derivatives market that turned banks into casino’s.
I divorced in the same year. I had been a born again Christian from the age of 19 and attended the Rosebank Bible College in 1973, but in 1991 I was excommunicated from the church because I had a fundamental problem with the notion that man can be separated from god.

After the treatment I received from the church and how I was shunned by other members of the church, including my wife, I left the faith and pursued my own business interests.
In 2003, I was awakened by a feeling that there was someone in my room while I was asleep
At that stage of my life, I was hardly an “angel” and a candidate for learning advanced bio-spiritual mechanics. I was a happy-go-lucky bachelor then and living the “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll” lifestyle.
When I looked at the end of my bed, there was a 10’ foot tall being standing at the edge of my bed.

I was mentored, trained and educated by two higher dimensional beings, ma’a and aiazmir, and volunteered to be a gridkeeper and gridworker, together with others, in 2006, after 3 years of training.
In 2006, I met a blue avian being who was from a cloistered community on SirusB, and he told me that he was me before I incarnated here, and so I learned about timelines and bi-location.
When I asked him his name, he said that he doesn’t have a name as earth’s populations have and that every conscious soul being has a unique soul resonance which is their soul identity, so he said that i could refer to him as aiazmir, because ai=Oneness. az= azurite and mir=mirror, so his name means “Reflecting the Oneness of the Azurites (the blue feathered ones from SiriusB)”
I have always found aiazmir to be kind, loving, respectful, patient, knowledgeable, insightful and a great teacher and mentor with a great sense of humor and an appreciation of irony and satire.
I have become more like him because that is who I was when I first incarnated here before I became embroiled in the machinations of the controllers here.
In 2014, after 8 years of gridkeeping work, I was told that our gridkeeping had been successful and that I should go tell others what I had learnt, so I started posting on Facebook. Last year, I started a 3-year training program for students of bio-energetic mechanics and spirituality, and the course is still running.