Con Hurley


As a young boy, Con Hurley spent a year with his grandparents on their farm in West Cork, Ireland, and acquired a love of the land and people. This contrasted with East London, where he spent seven years with his parents and four siblings.

At 14, he returned with his family to Ireland where he went to school and university. He then joined the Irish Farmers Journal to write on dairy farming for more than thirty years.

After retiring from journalism, he became a life-coach and helped to set up and deliver a series of successful courses on wealth creation.

He has previously published two books – Yes I Can, where he first outlined what he had learned in recovering from a major personal crisis, and a biography, The Life and Times of Noel Murphy, before his latest book, A Life Examined, an autobiographical exploration of the decisions a man can make from his life journey, and the lessons he can learn from them about himself.

Life Coach, Writer of Several Books and Facilitator on Wealth Creation.