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Darren Nesbit is an activist for truth and freedom and whatever he does seems to find him in the spotlight.
He’s also a multi-talented man: a musician, a singer and songwriter, the editor of The Light truthpaper and an all-round revolutionary thinker and feeler.

Not content to let sleeping dogs lie when humanity has been deliberately diverted from the truths of the world, Darren uses his multiple talents to try to arouse people to critical thinking and wakefulness.
He’s also been very involved in the Anti-Fracking movement, in addition to his involvement with his city of Manchester’s ‘Wake-Up Manchester’ sessions.

Darren began writing and editing the Light truthpaper recently, a truth-orientated publication. Like most who attempt this, he’s also encountered the usual negative backlash from the mainstream media via disparaging articles. A standard tactic when the controlled media are exposed, uncomfortably challenged or confronted by any truly independents who hold views other than their own.

The Light includes everything from articles on vaccines, technocracy, Satanism, 5G/Radiation and profiles on interesting professionals, noted for their unconventional thinking.

Darren’s entire print run is distributed free via coffee shops, garages and other businesses to the UK public.