Dr Faiez Kirsten


Faiez Kirsten is a medical doctor with extensive experience in various aspects of the healthcare environment including five years in trauma and emergency and as a ship’s doctor aboard cruise ships. He ran his own general medical practice for almost ten years and has also spent some time both working and consulting in the corporate world. He is the founder and director of the Health Wellness Performance Institute whose mission is to assist individuals and organizations in the prevention, reversal and elimination of illness and disease and achievement of optimal health, wellness and performance and with financial empowerment through innovative programs and services. He also runs Natural Cancer Cures, a service focused on providing cancer sufferers with critical information they require to make an informed choice regarding the treatment of their condition as well as safe, ‘alternative’ and natural methods of treatment. 

In addition to his Medical Qualification which he obtained from the University of Natal Medical School, Dr. Kirsten also holds a Post-graduate Degree in Business Administration (MBA from the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business) obtaining the qualification with a first class grade for his thesis ‘The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Organizational Culture, Climate and Financial Performance’. He also has a Certificate in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a discipline of energy psychology which is used to heal both physical and emotional disorders. 

Faiez is also the author of several books and articles. His first published book, ‘Corporate Culture is Not as Soft as You Think’ is available in electronic and print formats through various on-line bookstores. His other published books are Good-Bye Stress – How to Live Stress-Free’, ‘Achieve Your Goals Using Brain Research Discoveries’ and How to Achieve the Best Health and Wellness Possibleall of which are available as e-books. He has also authored and published an e-report, The Subconscious Mind - What it is and How to Reprogram it Using Advanced Technologiesand founded an internet report, the HWP Report. Furthermore, he has researched the banking and financial systems, sovereignty and natural law. Doctor Kirsten was also part of the founding group which was instrumental in setting up the Community Exchange System, an on-line service facilitating the trading and exchange of goods and services using a virtual recording system and has several other attainments and interests including Scuba Diving and Off-Road Driving certifications. He also hosted an on-line radio show and was a resident guest on a community radio station.