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Gamal Turawa or ‘G’ as he prefers to be called is the founder, managing director and Lead facilitator for Purple Frog Connections. 

He is a living testament to the power of resilience and determination and finding yourself. 

Coming from a childhood that saw him experience the UK care system both as foster child and later as a survivor of  physical child abuse only then to be tricked into going to Nigeria where among other things he experienced homelessness on the streets of Lagos and lived by drifting across the country from relative to relative constantly struggling to fit in. 

After 8 years of living a nomadic lifestyle a remarkable encounter in a Nigerian Steel Plant enabled his return to the UK. 

He then embarked upon a career with London’s Metropolitan Police Service where for fourteen years of his 25 year career he was in training delivering programmes on Diversity, Inclusion and Personal Development whilst becoming the UK's first openly Gay Black police officer along the way. 

His time with the police included a five year secondment to the National Police Improvement Agency where he trained in excess of 3000 officers from all over the world. 

He is an associate facilitator to The European Fundamental Rights Agency, Vienna and the Central European Police College and has delivered workshops and motivational key notes across Europe and the US in both the private and public sectors. 

He is a skilled listener and a highly experienced facilitator and life coach. 

G retired from the Police service in 2018 having received numerous awards and accolades for a career labeled as exemplary. 

Purple Frog Connections has been set up to share the knowledge and experiences that his remarkable career and life has given him which he now uses to empower, enable and inspire others to find their own truths and direction.

His remarkable life has taught him to be compassionate, empathetic and respecting of the stories that make us who we are both collectively and individually