Gamelihle Sibanda


Gamelihle, a Certified Biomimicry Professional, is a systems thinker, visual storyteller and rapid ideator who fuses his training in civil engineering, business, biomimicry, ethical machine learning and artificial intelligence  towards creation of a regenerative world; where there is enough for all forever. His diverse skillset enables him to abstract strategies from nature to inspire, teach and create solutions to human challenges. He co-developed the Biominga Innovation Model based on evolutionary strategies that nature has continuously tested and refined over the past 3.8 billion years. Where others see things that are and ask "why?", Gamelihle dreams about things that do not exist and asks, "why not?" 

He has over 28 years international professional experience mainly in infrastructure investment and development in 13 countries. 22 of the years have been spent working with the United Nations in Africa and the rest in Government, Consulting and Applied Research. He has worked in various capacities; liaising with Governments, Universities, Infrastructure Authorities, Employers’ Organizations, Unions, Donors, United Nations Agencies, Consultants, Contractors and Communities on the policy, financing, feasibility, research, design, training, employment creation, Just Transition to a greener economy and implementation of infrastructure and environmental projects in both rural and urban environments.