Jacqui Footman


She studied at London University in the 1980s, switching from a commercial career to a career in teaching. In 2005, health challenges caused her to change her path again, and this connected her with a new passion - to share the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) as an educator and facilitator, more so than as a therapist/practitioner. EFT is about empowering individuals, which fits beautifully with her teaching vocation.

Always hoping to see EFT more organised and widely accepted, Jacqui quickly became involved in efforts to build a Professional Association. She has served on the Executive Board of AAMET – the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies, and became Chair in 2014. She has enjoyed seeing the organisation grow and transform into EFT International in 2019, having been recognised as a UK-registered CIO in 2018.

Jacqui is a devoted and loving lone parent-carer, determinedly and courageously navigating the challenges of improving understanding of invisible disability, such as high-functioning autistic spectrum conditions. As a life-long positive educator, believing that with the right support anything can be achieved, Jacqui has been appalled at how provision can be so lacking, and has been shocked at the level of prejudice against young people with disabilities in parts of our system. Yet that provision can literally make the difference between a lifetime of productive achievement and a lifetime dependent on disability benefits. Jacqui is a woman of integrity with a passion for justice and for making a difference.