Previous appearance on KindaSound Radio, on the Rites of Man Show with Ian Lynch:

Jean-Claude Rawady was born in Lebanon into a close-knit and social family. When the long and tragic conflict there led to two of his brothers fighting against each another for rival factions. JC made a decision to come to the UK and create a new life away from such madness. His love for healthy food and mindful, spiritual and physical living drew him toward yoga, which he began practicing in 2001, alongside the art of creating delicious Mediterranean dishes.

It is no surprise, given his warm personality and excellent culinary skills, that his classes, workshops and retreats attract many. He provides dietary advice, bespoke programs, and teaches teachers on the art of yoga and finding your dharma in life.

For men, JC is creating a yogic brotherhood, that offers classes in the art of living well and supporting one another to live our true purpose.