Joy Truscott


Joy Truscott heard the words “Divine Light Connecter” spoken into her Soul and since then she has dedicated her Life Journey to empowering others to step into their most Divine Life Journey.  We have a vital role in helping one another to remember why we are here.  

Many of our interactions tremor with the ramifications of the connections and collisions we have with others in our Journey.
Midst the seeming chaos and confusion, there is a stream of clarity that is begging for the awareness and awakening of our deepest memory.  
We have a vital Life Purpose and once this is recognized we can move in this world in a different way.  We can step out of the path of self-destruction and bring healing into all our encounters.  We just need to remember why we are here.
Through her counselling, healing energy work, inspirational workshops and writing  – A Journey to Remember, Joy awakens the embedded codes that she says each of us has.  “We are Divinely and Uniquely encoded within for our Magnificence”.  It is just a matter of remembering so that we can step into our more purpose-filled Life Journey.
When I was a child I had a little cassette tape recorder and my only music cassette I owned was Jackie DeShannon’s tape - What the World Needs Now and Put a Little Love in your Heart.  I played that tape to threads.  More recently I loved hearing Dionne Warwick singing this song. 
This was like an anthem for me and now, more than ever, we must remember this - what the world needs now is Love.