Karen appears on the KindaSpirituality segment with Shellee-Kim Gold on Sunday 24 Jan 2021, with a repeat on Wednesday 24 Jan.

"I am generally known as Zola Majola amongst the AmaXhosa, Makhosi Busisiwe amongst the AmaZulu and Karen Parkin in English.

I first developed a keen interest in medicinal Herbalism when I started growing my own food. My interest led me to doing a lot of research and experimentation with herbs. This resulted in people arriving in my garden asking for remedies.

With time my interest evolved into my calling and subsequent studies in modern Herbalism, traditional African healing, various other complementary health practices and spiritualities.

After a decade long sabbatical, I’d come full circle and spent as much time as possible in gardens, growing food and herbs.

I feel privileged, yet believe it essential, to be able and active in sharing the knowledge and skills I have acquired.

My first recommendation is that you grow some of your own food and herbs. This is the best way to go about learning the plants and their properties."

“Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.” - HIPPOCRATES, 460BC