Previous appearance on KindaSound Radio, presented by Shellee-Kim Gold:

"For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the power we have to heal ourselves and how this is inextricably linked to our state as energy beings.

After having started out studying Law, and eventually switching to Psychology and counselling, I ended up spending over 20 years of my career in media: editing and managing numerous magazines, hosting and co-producing a parenting television show, as well as hosting my own wellness radio show. While I loved my work in media, when I had my children, I felt it was time to focus on my other passion: understanding wellness and conscious development. I had studied various holistic healing methodologies that compliment and support my thinking including Reiki, Life Coaching, Counselling and Past Life Regression Therapy. Today, I infuse a variety of modalities into my practice, creating bespoke coaching sessions and consciousness programs best suit each client’s individual journey.

I believe that our human body has an energy field and that we’re processing our world through this constantly. If we change the vibrational frequency of our bodies, by becoming more conscious of our thoughts and the feelings that these evoke, we change how our cells grow and the body works. Consciousness literally alters and shifts our state of being, and therefore our physical shape and form. I feel a strong sense of urgency about being in harmony and therefore focused and well within ourselves. Only then can we inspire our circles of influence to do the same; and so on and so forth. And once we are all living in complete harmony within ourselves, we can live in harmony with our environment and our planet. And so, to reestablish more harmony in the way we live on our planet, it really is our own personal journey that counts. And the time to rediscover this space within is NOW."

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