Kerry Scott
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As the Headteacher of an East London Primary School, Kerry Scott is passionate about working with young people and the community to help them understand their own boundless potential.

Kerry works to challenge mind-sets and preconceptions about social standing and expected outcomes by channelling her own experiences to help others to be proactive and positive in their choices.

Having grown through challenges which include being kicked out of school ‘sans qualifications’, being a single, teenage mum and homelessness to name but a few, Kerry recognised the personal power we all have within us and that each of us has the ability to fulfil our own destinies.

She has made helping others to do this her life’s work. Her school community have benefitted significantly from her relationship-centric approach to developing every individual and she now cites her work with a range of charities as the next step to creating wider, positive impact.

Since 2015, Kerry has been sharing her individual, organisational and system development ideals with international institutions and government departments. She continues to support the development of systems that truly put people at the centre.