Louise Barea


Louise Barea is a Registered Staff Nurse, and the founder of a charity and volunteer organisation called Help Me Learn Africa. The charity provides volunteering programmes that help support children’s education in developing countries. Through the volunteer programmes they raise funds in order to provide educational resources and infrastructure to villages with little or no access to education.

Help Me Learn Africa offers group building programmes as well as teaching and Nursing/medical programmes that promote health education in local hospitals and schools.

The programmes allow volunteers to experience what life is really like in underdeveloped countries where education is scarce or non-existent.

Help Me Learn Africa is a Gibraltar (UK) based registered charity organisation with projects currently operating in Ghana, but expanding to Kenya, and Uganda, in 2020.

Louise the CEO of Help Me Learn Africa says: ‘My vision is to continue expanding Help Me Learn Africa by providing access to education to as many children as possible. I hope to continue providing access to education to more children and to continue my philanthropic work for as long as possible.’

Kath Temple, Director of Help Me Learn Africa says: ‘Come volunteer with us. You will change lives. And the experience will change yours. Our CEO, Louise Barea is a human dynamo! So so proud of her!’