Louise Harris

About Louise:


After spending 20 years as a professional trainer and training designer, and having a son with several neurological disorders including dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD, Aspergers and PDA symptoms, Louise Harris set off on a Natural health quest to help her son. She could not accept there was nothing she could do to help him.  

Louise studied and researched for several years and spent months reading reports morning and night researching papers and doing programmes including gut health, hair tissue mineral analysis, reflex integration, and nutrition. Louise is now a Neurological disorder researcher, Natural Health Coach, Gut Health Advocate, Toxin Free Campaigner and Children’s Rights Activist.

She passionately believes from her research that there is a solution to a high percentage of children with Neurological disorders and that Heavy Meals and Parasites are a common cause. She has worked with hundreds of families to support them through their Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis results to navigate their way through their natural health quest, her son is now living a much happier, stress free life and majority of his labels have disappeared! Her mission is to spread hope to other families fighting this battle. 

Previous appearances on KindaSound Radio, on Temple Alternatives with Kath Temple