Marda de Wet


I have always loved animals, my first pet was a dachsie named Otto and we had a cat Ladylove whom I adored. Otto got run over by a car and I was so devastated that I kept telling my mother that evening that I heard him at the front door and she must let him in.

When my parents took me to Europe for the first time -  I was about 12 -  I saw the open back of a butcher's van in  Vienna and all the bodies hanging there.  I suddenly realised where Wiener Schnitzel came from, what a steak really was and that was me - I went vegetarian and that was a very long time ago. During the whole trip I lived on spaghetti Napoletana and salads.   

About 20 years ago, a friend who was as passionate about animals as I was, were speaking to another friend who pointed out the horrendous cruelties in the dairy and egg industries and I went vegan overnight.

That's my story. I don't miss meat or dairy or eggs. And I am robustly healthy.  

It was a natuaral progression when I realised what animal agriculture was doing and started the pitition to create awareness about the relation between animal agriculture and climate change.