Merle Levin


Merle was born in South Africa and lives between Canada, UK and South Africa. For the past 18 years she has been co-facilitating mindfulness writing and silent retreats in Norway, France and Italy, UK, South Africa and Canada. She incorporates poetry in all she teaches. 

To Merle, poetry is our closest language, our universal mother-tongue. To quote Leonard Cohen, she lives by the creed  that “poetry is the ash of a burning life” – that it is the language that captures the essence of life’s experience.

Merle is a published author, poet, global facilitator and lecturer. She has written a book on meditation for children that has been adopted by Save the Children and World Vision International – more than a million books have been distributed. She has collaborated on a book on the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert published in German.  

She is currently enrolled in a post graduate Degree in “Mindfulness Based Stress Release” at Stellenbosch University, Medical Sciences, South Africa and facilitates Mindfulness Based Stress Release programs.