Natalia Baker


One of those people who believes in walking her talk, she has done much personal healing but finds the theme of today is really recognising Who We Are

Natalia  has been described as a leader of consciousness in South Africa. She has facilitated courses and workshops, given many public talks, done much broadcasting and television work, in 9 different countries.

One of the most popular television shows in South Africa was Free Spirit who made films of her work and life and for which she presented book reviews over 3 years.

She loves writing -and her first book Seize the Day – A Guidebook for Changing Times has been a bestseller and is now in its 3rd edition. In about a month she will be launching 2 new books: A Self-Love Guide – Increasing the Love in your Life and Human and Divine – A Love StoryMany of her articles have been published in digital and printed magazines and she has created 14 meditation CD’s ( also available on MP3’s) on topical subjects like Self-Love, Authentic Power and Connecting with your Higher Self..

She is well-known for her wit, wisdom, love and life experience which is directed into her teaching and counselling.