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Nicky Hamid is an author, inspirational speaker, and has taught psychology, self-awareness, and been a spiritual mentor, while maintaining a therapy practice for over fifty years. He has conducted spiritual and awareness retreats and workshops in many countries including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, and India.

The underlying theme with all he does is with the “touch of love”. He is passionate about self- empowerment and you finding your own connectedness to Source (God) and your natural propensity to expand your consciousness and become incredibly happy.

Nicky heals with words and has always had the ability to read where a person is coming from and what is the next step they could take towards their own happiness. He also reads the Human Collective Mind and has an uncanny ability to present what the highest common factor of what Humanity is asking about. He has been posting his writings almost every day on FB for the last 10 years and has an uncanny ability to reframe the complex into something simple yet profound.

He is unashamedly on a mission to share his gift of Remembering with anyone who asks. His message is one of the power of Remembering who you are, the power of Loving, and the power of a Touch of Kindness.