Nina Starsong

Nina appears on KindaSound Radio on Sunday 7 Feb 2021, presented by Shellee-Kim Gold.

About Nina:

I was born as a Prophetic, Empathic, Intuitive child, and also sang and spoke in starseed light language from the time I was a little child.

I am a Pleiadian Supernova, and a Christed Ambassasor of The Galactic Federation Of Light. Here on mission: AWAKEN EARTH.

Many of my clients call me an oracle because of the way I am able to read and remotely "visit" the quantum fields and all timelines.

My personal mission and human journey has led me all over the world, including to India where I sang for Sai Baba, and where I also recieved a deep activation on Shiva Shakti Mountain in an unforgettable experience of remembrance and awakening that occured in Ramana Maharshi Cave where he attained enlightenment. After this activation, I followed my path of innitiations to the study and daily practice of Kung Fu and the fields of Perception with my beloved teacher Constantine Darling. I studied and became an innitiate of Carlos Castenedas teachings, Meditation, Vinyassa Yoga, Tantra, Reiki, The Akashic Records, Angelic communication, and Crystal and Energy Healing. I also became a certified Reiki healer and recieved Munay Ki Transmissions through Shamanic Trainings with Chandra Sun Eagle of SONCO VIA. I also became a certified elemental reader through Doreen Virtue.

In 2010, on the beautiful Island of Kauai I was recognized and crowned by the Sacred Kahuna Ed as one of the awaited 7 "Pleadian" sisters, and was given special permission by the Hawaiian ancestors and Kahuna to activate the grid lines back to Lemuria by weaving the cosmic rainbow bridge through the Starseed light language code and song through my voice.

In 2011 Theta Healing came into my life and grounded and aligned all of my gifts studies and innitiations.
Destiny truly brought the opportunity for me to become a certified Theta Healer and I am forever grateful.
In my first class I could feel the presence of the ONE Creator Source filling the room with light, and wrapping us all in a Divine blanket of golden energy and love.

By aligning my spiritual gifts directly with the Creator, clearing my personal and ancestral karmas, beliefs, programs and traumas, I suddenly found what I had been searching for, true freedom. Not just freedom in this lifetime, but throughout all lifetimes.

As a result of this beautiful Initiation I began to awaken from my own personal spiritual amnesia. I remembered that I was indeed a Pleiadian Starseed who had come to earth as an Ambasador Of Cosmic Love.

Soon after this remembrance I was called to the Sacred Sedona AZ, where I began my professional career working at the beautiful Sacred Light Of Sedona as an intuitve, a Cosmic Christ channel, a light and sound healer, and a Theta healer. I began building a large clientelle quickly and have been working only by referrals long distance for the past 3 years since then from Paris France.

Whilst in Paris France, in 2017 I received a Supernatural Holy Spirt baptism and anointing into awakened New Earth Christed Conciousness through the heart of Yeshua

I am an ordained Minister through The Universal Church and work as an instrument of the creator through the prophetic, Deliverance and gifts of the Holy Spirit as given to me by God.

Enter 2020: In this current timeline of our 2020 ascension I recieved very strong starseed activations by my Pleiadian family and was then contacted again by The Galactic Federation Of Light to begin channeling transmissions through light language code, and songs, and to share them publicly. They also asked me to come out from under the radar and to be working both one on one and also in a more public manner with the Starseeds and global children of light.

I have accepted with tremendous joy, and am here NOW to assist all others in all ways possible to awaken, ignite, and activate their Divine purpose and their Joy as all of us are integral to our 2020 ascension and collective awakening into Christ Conciousness 5D and beyond.

I am completely passionate about helping others shine, and am continually blown away by the constant and instantaneous miracles and deliverance that I get to co-facilitate and witness in my sessions with Creator through the light of Christ.

It is my honor and my privilege to assist you in your awakening and empowerment as your eternal Christed cosmic cheerleader In the family of light!

May we all awaken together and rise in love!

This is just the beginning and we were born for this.