Panos Panagou


A modern Polymath Philosopher, he originally studied, Shipping Economics, Languages, and Art & Design. Later on he developed a keen interest in the Human Body-Mind and started a new circle

 of studies, including Sports Therapy, Nutrition, Applied Psychology, Solution Focused Psychotherapy, Coaching, and NLP. After working briefly in Mental Health, Panos moved into the field of Personal/Professional  Training & Development, and this has been his Career/Life-Path for more than twenty years. Since then he had the honour and privilege of working with some amazing men and women, from a wide range of industries and backgrounds, and observing impressive changes in their performance. His personal life-transformations are the essence of his training and coaching work: His journey from being an unfit, shy, low-grades teenager, who was bullied at school for his severe stammering,.. to becoming an Endurance Athlete, Martial Arts Instructor, Special Forces NC Officer, Corporate Trainer, Writer, and an International Inspirational Speaker in four languages. 

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