Tune in to the Rites of Man show 1.30 to 2.30pm GMT on February 7th with Ian Lynch presenting Paul Roberts sharing his Tribal tips and tools to help you live and enjoy your full potential.

Paul is genuinely passionate and enthusiastic about helping people with their performance, fitness and health. He graduated in 2002 from the University of Surrey with a Bachelor’s degree in the Science and Management of Exercise and Health, leading on his career path as a personal trainer and coach.

Following industry and government guidelines for movement and exercise, Paul noticed that while his clients were getting fitter, they were not necessarily getting healthier. Something was missing and Paul began an investigation that led him to conclude that the current modern environment is alien to us and to our health and well-being.

Looking around us to see the health of our planet, it is not so difficult to note that the so-called conveniences of our modern world does not produce healthy, high performing athletes. By taking responsibility for our health and well-being and our perception of reality and nature, we can use our tribal heritage to live more naturally and energetically. This is the heart and soul of Tribal, Paul’s methodology, coaching programs and vibrant community.

If you can’t tune in to Sunday’s live show, you can listen to the rebroadcast on Wednesday 10th February at 1.30 pm, or listen to the podcast at Kindasound Radio on Anchor, Apple Podcasts or here on this guest page.

For further information on Paul and Tribal visit go-tribal.co.uk or contact info[at]go-tribal.co.uk