September 2020

Susan Marie
Susan MarieSusan Marie, presented by Shellee-Kim Gold in 'Conversations About God Part
At the age of 17, Susan Marie became aware through a visitation with Yeshua, and he told her that she was not a limited human. With moments of moving in that truth and experiencing a dense world, she rejected accepting the extent of her natural gifts, feeling that she did not ‘fit the world”.
Chantelle Meyburgh
Chantelle MeyburghWisdom from an Alchemist, Mystic and
Chantelle is an alchemist, mystic, healer, inspirational coach, animal whisperer, yoga teacher and author. Chantelle has many courses and a book available, presented by Yajna Gold.
Jeremy de Tolly
Jeremy de TollyInternationally award winning musician, a TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises)
Jeremy is an internationally renowned pianist, singer, composer and performer, as well a TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) practitioner, consciousness and voice coach, energy healer, and mantra and sacred music facilitator.
Natalia Baker
Natalia BakerReleasing Fears, Surrendering to the God within
Natalia Baker Presented by Shellee-Kim Gold, One of those people who believes in walking her talk, she has done much personal healing but finds the theme of today is really recognising Who We Are