Horizontal Hoogie

Horizontal Hoogie


With a philosophy of enough is enough!  A late developer in discovering the true extent of social injustices and independence, sustainability through Social Enterprise, cooperative work in and shared ownership, this comes with a high expectation of my peers and with it a repeated misunderstanding of the word 'pioneering'. 

The apparent mainstream media monopoly and the demise in impartial reporting and free speech, I have inspired in the creation of both the KindaSound Radio and the associated discussion platform, www. batebox.org

I am not an active social care worker, but so thankful for all those Kindness Champions who are so gifted. I am neither a dedicated Vegan nor Vegan,  but so thankful to the many who are – these continue to influence my awareness and mindfulness in food consumption!  I am also not an artist, a radio enthusiast or journalist, but I am a visionary who can see the need for both. 

In my quest to develop a kindness network, ironically, I myself have fallen short on mindful kindness and spirituality, now a priority in order to cope with the rocky road of media manipulation ahead

KindaSound has always been a visionary part of the 'Kinda' brand to help awareness and expansion of the movement, a key tool for global influence and connection, for youth engagement and community building.  With the power of kindness, we can inspire a change in belief and educational systems, we can slowly open closed minds, we can stimulate vision and the courage to make a change towards a respectful life for ad 

I personally need to slow the drive and focus on kindness to myself and those closest in delivering this legacy.  Dedicated to see this network thrive, with the next generation in place, and my 100th birthday, 1/3rd to go.

Wishing you Enough
Hugh Callacher