Because of the pandemic that began in 2020, relationships, intimacy and love have taken a real beating. Stories of couples splitting up have become almost as endemic as the pandemic.

Ryan Orrock, author of “The Two Great Lies of Monogamy and Marriage”, joins Isaac George on his new show 'Revealing the Mysteries' for a very interesting show about what has gone quite so wrong about romance, love, commitment and modern relationships.

Ryan has made every mistake in relationships, so you don't have to! Stumbling his way through multiple continents and forms of relating, he is on a constant search for the ultimate experience and intimate connection.

Quotes from the forward of his book, The Two Great Lies of Monogamy and Marriage:
“Why is it that the average relationship lasts 2.9 years? Why is it that divorce rates are above 50%? Why is it that around 20% of those that continue are sexless and unfulfilling? And how do we escape all this?”