Susan Marie


At the age of 17,  Susan Marie became aware through a visitation with Yeshua, and he told her that she was not a limited human. With moments of moving in that truth and experiencing a dense world, she rejected accepting the extent of her natural gifts, feeling that she did not ‘fit the world”.

This resulted in entering a life crafted meticulously with lessons to challenge and reward her by wooing her back to this truth. For her, this occurred on January 9, 2012 when her life collapsed all around her.

For years, Susan Marie lived a life marred by the existence of feelings of discontentment and deep anguish through inner work she learned to overcome and fully accept who she is.

Since December 21, 2012, many all around the world have been hastening to sooth the cries of humanity; cries of anguish from a lost sense of self, desire for quantum spiritual growth or an incessant knowingness that they are on Earth for a purpose that far exceeds what they are doing today.

Heeding the call again within after another visitation with Yeshua, she was asked to begin her path in service to assist in the awakening of humanity, and she stepped out in faith on October 2015. She gently shepherds humanity into an Illuminated consciousness, allowing them to become aware of their own “I AM” truth and enter a life of joy and their lives change.


“It was such a powerful experience meeting you and receiving the divine gift you are bringing forth... since then, I have felt much lighter and have felt even more removed from my current work. Now I am drawn to the light, to the love and opening the door for others.”

“One session with her <Susan Marie> made me realize that the love I was giving out needed to start with the love I need to feel for myself. That night has forever changed me.”

“I feel I’m stepping into my role with more of a knowingness and connection to Source and to Truth.”

“I am no longer sick.”

“You have changed my life, in a way that I couldn’t have imagined.”

“Oh my I have never felt this way before it’s so peaceful.”

Having assisted over 16,000 people around the globe, Susan Marie is a sought-after, international, Noetic Sacred Alchemist assisting in the awakening process to realize life beyond the known.

Her “I AM” decision has become the Launchpad for a global vision where we are all connected because of our decision to grow spiritually, acceptance of ourselves as One, expansion of our consciousness and Illumination of our Spirits.

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