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Gogo Sophia (Tsholofelo Monare) who originally was born in Mafikeng Northwest is now living in Johannesburg South Africa as a film maker, mother, spiritual midwife & shamanic Priestess. She is a descendent of Kgosi Kgwefane from the Bakgatlha ba ga Kgafela, who’s clan immigrated from Botswana & after overcoming many battles & wars settled in what we call today Moruleng Village in Phokeng, Pilanesburg. Although she grew up in the Northwest she later settled in Johannesburg to begin her career in television & film as a creative director, film editor & documentary film maker. It was in 2011 that she was called by the “Ancestors” & universal council of light, amongst a few to begin her apprenticeship as a Shamanic Priestess in the Mandawe, Manguni, Nzuza and the path of Christ Consciousness. Through her 10 year Shamanic apprenticeship she has also studied and trained in advanced meditation, shamanic white tantra, chodpa, energy medicine, traditional African therapy and Andean Mysticism.

Through her work as a traditional healer, she also incorporates animistic frameworks & indigenous knowledge systems as a way to diagnose & heal, incorporating partnership with the Ancestors, Avatars of light, elements of nature and ancient powers, as a way to restore harmony and balance with oneself and the world. She also works very strongly with the Divine mother Sophia to support humanity in the reclamation and healing of the feminine body through facilitating women’s rites of passage, priestess apprenticeships & holding women’s circles.

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