Wayne Bush


For over 25 years he has investigated meaningful topics such as near death experiences, out of body experiences, pre-birth experiences, psychedelics, aliens, meditation, mythology, symbolism, Hollywood, the music industry, language and ancient writings such as Sumerian, Tibetan and Gnostic texts. 

Almost twenty years ago Wayne created the website, TrickedByTheLight.com, to share these findings.  The site explores the idea that we are dreaming a simulated matrix where souls are tricked at death to go into a tunnel leading to a false white light to be recycled as an energy source for interdimensional entities which the Gnostics called 'archons'.  The Chief Archon was known as the Demiurge, a false god who created this universe by copying the true reality. 

Wayne first launched the website nearly twenty years ago and has steadily added content over the years including many articles such as "The Neverending Story", "The Cosmic God Game", "THE FINE GAME OF NIL: The So-Called Void of Non-Duality and Pure Awareness -- The Cosmic Womb of Creation",  "As The Conqueror Worm Turns", "Why I Will Choose Not to Go to the White Light When I Die" and "Wishcraft: Manifesting Reality in the Afterlife".